Sunday, January 18, 2009

David Caruso - Hilarious Caruso picture story!

"Boring them senseless, no doubt. Fuck, he looks bored himself - no mirror handy to check himself out in?"

"Wow - 2 big-tittied girls - for me?"

"Alright, girls. Get in back and pull your kimonos down...I'm gonna show you what a big American dick looks like!"

"....yeah, yeah, I see it, don't pitch a fit - it'll wash out in cold water."

Many people hate/despise Icon of Idiocy David Caruso. That is a FACT.
Some people react by changing the channel everytime the ugly twat appears on the screen. Some write blogs about how horrendous David Caruso is. And some express their utter disgust in a picture story. Above you can see such a picture story. It is titled "David Caruso - MANWHORE" (VERY FITTING TITLE WE THINK!!!) It is so hilariously funny that we can't help but plagiarize it. We hope "PICKELS" will forgive us...Thank you for the good laugh!
Quote of the day - "...David Caruso...he's terrible, not a single good acting bone in his body..."

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