Tuesday, January 6, 2009

David Caruso - Something about David Caruso...

Every day we find countless new bloggers who express their growing dissatisfaction with CSI Miami and Icon of Idiocy David Caruso. We never bothered to look up the actual numbers, but we guess it must be legions of annoyed peope who want nothing more than see fugtard Caruso booted off the TV screen!
Let's support them in their worthy cause:

......No, you didn't ask for it, but as I sit here after another lackluster "Do I really give a crap?"-episode of CSI Miami. I think it's time I let the world know exactly how I feel about your primetime-hogging inflated campaign to rule the world in forensic TV drama.
Hello CSI-by-the-sea.

Oh look, David Caruso is either removing or donning his sunglasses while spouting something short and smart with his quiet, sturdy I'm-in-charge voice. How yesterday. Actually, how every-episode of him. This series used to have flash, now it's dull like my mother's knife set. I think you ended last season with a cliff-hanger, and I think you wrapped it up when you premiered last month...but to be honest I neither
A) remember nor
B) care to figure it out.
Is it the actors? Maybe. I'm too bored to bottom-line it for you; I can tell you we're about to gain an hour of space when we delete you from our DVR. *sunglasses off*
Something about David Caruso makes me want to beat him in the face with a claw hammer....

Quote of the day - "I am WITH you on David Caruso. His dramatic lack of emotion is just unbearable." (http://twitstat.com/cgi-bin/view.pl?search=ramat)

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