Thursday, January 15, 2009

David Caruso - Touchdown!

Good bless naive people!
The following is a rant by an Icon of Idiocy David Caruso-fan over at the CSI Miami Community Message Board. We don't know what "shadownglass" has been smoking. But it must be really bad shit. Better quit, Dude, before it is too late.
However, we couldn't help but to comment on the fans' verbal (drug-induced?) dysentry :

....Is there anyone among you, that can see what a great artist David Caruso is ?

Great artist? NO!!!

...David Caruso has the gift to move adult men to tears. The ladies on this board love him, want him, would love to get there hands on him. You have to be a really blessed and gifted artist to move adult men and women to such strong emotions....

People are moved to tears because Caruso's acting is SOOOO BAD. Legend has it, that some TV-viewers even poked their eyes out after having to watch the redheaded dork for more than 5 minutes!

....David Caruso is absolutely in his prime right now. The man is an artist, he loves his work. He is well aware of the power he has over an audience....

You are right. Caruso is well aware of his power to make people vomit.

....Get him the right part, the right story, the right character, finally pay him what he wants....

50 cent is the most that talentless hack deserves. Everything above that would be plain ridiculous.

.....How about casting DC in a War Movie, WWI, WWII, Korean, Nam even the Civil War for that matter. Next pictcure DC in a big budget western like 3:10 to Yuma, High Noon, Unforgiven or even Tombstone. Can you imagine DC with Sam Colt strapped to his side and perfect bad boy, hero western duds ? .... can't be serious. Caruso would sink those movies the way he sunk ALL the movies he was in.

....Don't wait, you need to act now. Get this man the proper backing, promotion, funding (Big Budget) for a major motion picture starring DC. The CSI Miami fans alone would insure a profit, my guess is, it would be a block buster hit.

David Caruso couldn't turn any movie a blockbuster - even if his life depeneded on it. He is poison . And every director and producer in LA KNOWS that.

......DC will make that someone a very rich Man, or Woman.

Yes, the bartender at his favorite brothel/Whiskey joint...
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