Sunday, January 25, 2009

David Caruso - Mutiny and Mutineers

The discontent grows with every episode that airs. People are not only annoyed with the ridiculous antics of Icon of Idiocy David Caruso but also with CSI Miami as A WHOLE.
Be it the writing, the acting , the editing - the unanimous verdict is that it SUCKS BIG TIME:

....I have followed this program from its first episode, and have been gradually loosing interest in it as the plots became lamer and lamer, the logic and techniques used became more and more unbelievable, and the characters became less and less interesting. However, I have always found it to be quite disconcerting the people that they have purported to be examples of beauty, when they have never even been remotely close to attractive, but the plot was usually good enough to distract me from that irritant. That's no longer the case, and ow that it's the David Caruso/Horatio Hour, it's not worth my time.
I am disappointed.
I no longer can stomach Caruso's slanting his head and talking from the side! I thought maybe they would finally get smart and replace the actor/character with a person who can do more than stand and lean his head!!! Also, I watch a show for content not music and fancy camera shots!
Where are the plots?
There's a great video on Youtube that has put together a lot of Caruso's flip catch phrases. Some think it's a tribute to him, but it's actually showing how over the top and unnecessary his comments have become. I started watching the show from the beginning but soon tired of how Caruso was essentially being used as a pin-up boy for the viewers, rather than as a serious actor.
The best of the lot is Vegas. Sadly, they've lost Grissom, which leaves only NY as the most believable of the three and Miami almost a caricature of what true CSI is all about.... (willis991)


Quote of the day - "I agree about David Caruso...he has never been as good on any show as he thinks he is...he is all about EGO..." (

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