Wednesday, November 5, 2008

David Caruso - Are you a gulper?

There are David Caruso fans. (very few)
There are David Caruso haters. (legions)
There are David Caruso stalkers. (only one)
And - according to the webmaster of Satire Patch - there are David Caruso GULPERS

What is a GULPER?

You might get the gist of it after the following explanation:

....When the David Caruso piece ( originally ran on Sweetpea-Honeybun there was a lot of controversy and name calling , it seems like some people freak out criticizing Caruso because they think so highly (?????) of him.
You see, a lot of well respected actors don't inspire much admiriation in myself; actually their acting style makes me laugh.
....You see, when the Caruso piece first ran last winter there was a lot of back and forth between someone who was allegedly a stalker, and another person who sounded like a groupie. Well the main problem in entertainment is not groupies or stalkers --it's a third group, the vast majority I call Gulpers.
You see Gulpers are entertainment consumers who are, well, I think the best way to put this is --easily amused. They see someone on tv solving a murder mystery, with a very serious, very constipated look on their face --and they think it's great!
Gulp Gulp, Gulp Gulp.
You'll hear them talking excitedly at the office about the great show last night, when they should be working, all excited like they participated in something meaningful, until they get bored with it and the next year are gulping down the same thing in different time slot.
Happy Gulping!

Quote of the day - "The program ran for 12 seasons. It also, unfortunately, enabled David Caruso's acting career. I suppose no show's perfect..." -(

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