Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David Caruso - Penis envy?

With every episode CSI Miami/David Caruso deliver a cornucopia of snark-material. Some bloggers prove their highly satirical talents with hilarious posts like the following. It is all in good fun and we like it:

..I've decided that David Caruso/HoCaine has penis envy.
Think about it..
...all the men on the show have either died or suffered life threatening injuries:

Speedle - dead
Ray - dead, found alive, dead again
the cop who dated Callie - killed himself
the treasury dept guy who liked Callie - arrested and thrown in jail
Wolf - eye injury with nail gun that nearly ended his life/career
Tripp - nearly blown up by landmine
ex-husband of Natalia - dead
delco - almost dead. not right in the head anymore
all the bad guys on the show end up dead or in jail

The only guy *not* dead, in jail or injured is that lab geek but his manhood is questionable and he's a geek so.... that leaves a gaggle of hot women surrounding the ever aging posing so narsty we're thankfully spared a head on shot David Caruso - He's so full of it!


Quote of the day - "I've ranted before about my dislike for CSI: Miami and David Caruso's bizarre approach to his character....."(

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