Wednesday, November 26, 2008

David Caruso - Rumble...rumble..

What do people think when they hear the name David Caruso?
Icon of Idiocy?
Scrawny naked butt?
Obnoxious Diva behaviour?
We are sure it is all those things combined and more. And whenever someone mentions bad on-set behaviour one can be sure that David Caruso's name is front and center:

BlindGossip - Which character on an popular TV drama is going to be killed off? While the character is one of the key members of the cast, the actor or actress’ bad behavior has caused friction within the cast and has exhausted the patience of the show’s head honcho.

"....David Caruso (Horatio on CSI:Miami), or one could hope for that. He used to be watchable, but he has become such a caricature of the character he created, that he has become the butt (and not in a good way) of so many stand-ups jokes, he should be embarrassed. I’d suspect TPTB have gotten tired of losing employees because of one guy who can’t seem to talk and *do* anything else as the same time.
Khandi Alexander did leave last year, and Emily Procter has done *one* scene in which she and Caruso were on set together this year (split screen scenes don’t count
they did not speak a word to each other, nor did they look at each other. (Ann:
November 25th, 2008 at 3:19 pm) "


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