Saturday, November 1, 2008

David Caruso - Repeat offender

A lot has been written about the possible rift between Icon of Idiocy David Caruso and Emily Procter since Ausiello first mentioned it in his most recent "Blind-Item".
It also has been reported that a few Caruso-fans immediately went into damage-control-mode by simply putting the blame on Emily Procter.
Which is utterly ridiculous.
Today at TV Guide we have come across a comment by a prolific poster who not only sets the record straight but who has a very valuable point. He explains as to why he (and legions of people) think that David Caruso is the culprit responsible for the apparent Caruso/Procter-rift:

"...Sorry but in my opinion it is that Caruso is to blame here. I say this only by what his history is. I watched an interview with David Milch who was the man behind NYPD BLUE. He said that Caruso was so difficult to work for that it triggered a heart attack in Milch. One of the scenes they were filming - Caruso refused to read his lines because he didn't like the direction of his character. Milch and Caruso got into a shouting match and Milch felt a heart attack coming on. He finished his argument with Caruso before asking his assistant to take him to the hospital because he didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was ill. Caruso left after that season.
It's kind of hard to live that kind of behavior down..." (Posted by Ranger99 Oct 31, 2008 5:25 PM )

Exactly OUR sentiment!

Quote of the day - "I'm always fascinated, when I surf by, about who actually thinks David Caruso can act? Who watches that show?..." ( )

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