Thursday, November 13, 2008

David Caruso gets labelled!

David Caruso's acting is so bad that people come up with the funniest names for him. Having received a lot of valuable suggestions from our many readers/visitors we decided it was high time to set up a fun-poll titled "Labelling David Caruso" .

We offered voters four very interesting suggestions as to what David Caruso's future nickname should be.

Now the poll has closed yesterday. The results are in and are little surprising. We are hapy to announce that the most fitting nickname won!

Poll: Labelling David Caruso! What is the MOST fitting?

Poll created: September 12, 2008
Poll closed: November 11, 2008
Votes: 16

Tweedledee/Tweedledum 25%
Icon of Idiocy 44%
Repugnant Red Menace 13%
Pickle Dick 19%

Thank you folks! You all have really great taste. Needless to say, we fully agree with your choice! However, we have to admit we liked Repugnant Red Menance a lot too!
David Caruso, the Icon of Idiocy - what could be more fitting? LOL!

Quote of the day - "... I think they don’t need to shoot any promo shots for Caruso anymore as they can just pick one of the poses he has on the show and make it as a still shot then add CSI:Miami on it. Hehehe.. It really is irritating!.." (

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