Monday, November 17, 2008

David Caruso - Visible signs of (his) decay

The following is part of an article written by prolific LA Times freelance writer Jon Caramanica. It is a very good summary about CSI Miami, its 150th-episode, Icon of Idiocy David Caruso and how time has changed them...

...Arrogance no longer holds David Caruso’s face taut. When CBS' " CSI: Miami" premiered six years ago, it hinged on the swagger of Caruso, who had left " NYPD Blue" some years before in an attempt to become a film star, only to find himself back in blue.
But the years have weathered David Caruso/Horatio Caine, to the point now where even his signature moves -- the removing and replacing of his sunglasses, the blunt puns so mercilessly mocked in any number of YouTube mash-ups -- lack their original luster
....But ever so slightly, Caruso/Caineis being undone by time.
He's hunched over now, looking more creepy than slick, and his righteous streak has all the gravitas of a late-period Steven Seagal film.
In this glistening city, he is a visible sign of decay......


Quote of the day -" Of the three probably CSI: Miami even though David Caruso is a MAJOR over-actor..." (

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