Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is David Caruso that icky guy with the red hair?

Lately on the Internet....

CSI: Miami is my least favorite of the CSI shows. The original CSI is a much better show. David Caruso is way too melodramatic. He's horrible.
I have never quite figured out if David Caruso is a bad actor or if Horatio a bad character to play...maybe a bit of both...but it makes the show painful to watch. He comes across as more of a sociopathic serial killer than a cop with that really flat affect and lack of facial expression.

.....actors, for the most part, are complete idiots....and David Caruso proves that everytime he appears on the TV-screen!
Quote of the day - "....That show is absolutely the most terrible drama show on network TV. Every How did David Caruso get that job??...."

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