Thursday, November 6, 2008

David Caruso - Making fun of David Caruso is...

Making fun of Icon of Idiocy David Caruso has become a favorite past-time sport. Numerous blogs spoof, laugh, point at the ugly uncharismatic actor.
To "honor" this fact a poll was set up some time ago.
A simple question was asked.
And we get a few interesting answers.
Looks like some David Caruso-fans (the few he has left) herded together to hail their idol. Only it won't help much, will it? People won't stop making fun of the man .
Why should they anyway?
David Caruso is the most favourite idiot in charge on the Internet.

started: May 18, 2008
closed: November 04, 2008
votes: 71

Making fun of David Caruso is....
  • Okay. The turd deserves it. The more the better. 18%
  • No, leave the man alone (sob! sob!) 55%
  • David Caruso? I really don't care! 27 %

Quote of the day - "...David Caruso in his most tolerable role…a mute..."

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