Sunday, November 30, 2008

David Caruso - Be HoCaine for one day!

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You want to be HoCaine for one day?
The following is a step by step directory about how to become Icon of Idiocy David Caruso's HoCaine. Since we haven't tried it we can't say if it work or not. However, this shouldn't be a real problem for a computer-wizzard.....

....This week I was obsessed with watching CSI: Miami marathons. II created a little program that lets you say any of the pithy lines David Caruso/Horatio Caine is famous for:
Once you do, I set up an audio cue when the mouse is pressed that rewards you with the audio sting that kicks off the opening credits!
This wasn’t easy. I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to crop the video, and I was never actually able to get it how I wanted. My goal was to crop, rotate it and feather the edges so that it better simulated his mouth, but I just couldn’t find the resources online to make that happen. I did use the blend feature to try and get the tone of the video to better resemble his skin. Not sure if it worked or not. Finally, I couldn’t integrate the mirror code with the crop code, which would have made it easier for users to line their mouths up with the camera.

Here’s the code:
import*; // get library
PImage img; // delcare imageCapture video; // get videoMovie sound;
void setup(){size (265,238);img = loadImage(”david.jpg”); // load image of David Carusoimage (img,0,0,265,238); // set image sizesound = new Movie (this, “sound.wav”);video = new Capture(this,350,350,30); // capture videovideo.crop(115,151,70,15); // crop size
void captureEvent(Capture video){;}
void draw(){if (video.available()){;}
image(video,115,151,70,15); // view cropped video positionblend (img,120,156,75,20,115,151,70,15,ADD); // Blend image and video colors
void mousePressed(){sound.stop();;}
Quote of the day - "By the way, is there anybody from my generation who doesn't recognize David Caruso paying homage to Bill Shatner's Captain Kirk every week on CSI Miami with his Oddly. Placed. Emphasis. On. Words?..." (

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