Saturday, November 8, 2008

David Caruso makes the world cry

CSI-Miami. David Caruso has been annoying since Day 1 and the shows showing his charater (lack of) development should have been taken out to the woodshed and been put out of its miserey long ago.
David Caruso is intolerable - "Shatneresque" in his acting ability. Pausing to make some arrogant, half-baked quip before snapping on/off his sunglasses and striking a pose against the sunset. If he were a real-life person I can't imagine anyone being able to work with him.
I don't think Bill Shatner EVER took himself as seriously asCaruso does-and remember that great career move, leaving NYPD Blue for fame in all those successful movies (oh wait, NONE of them were successful)..
My friend Emmett refers to CSI Miami as "White Man Swings Big Dick," which pretty much sums it up. Caruso gets to say his lines, strike a dramatic pose, and either put on or take off his sunglasses to emphasize a point.

Quote of the day - "...and bloody CSI miami. really. and truly. with all my heart. ESPECIALLY DAVID CARUSO. " (

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