Thursday, November 6, 2008

David Caruso - "Sideways Man"

We know that there are a lot of funny ideas for "CSI Miami Drinking Games" out there. The following is a special version courtesy of a fellow blogger who thinks Icon of Idiocy David Caruso is nothing but one big joke!

He calls it CSI Miami Drinking Game: The Sideways Man Relief Plan!
To be played with your favorite beverage of alcoholic nature and as many friends as you can pack into your livingroom.

Caruso poses sideways and then looks off into the distance. -
Take 1 drink then look sideways at someone in the room and seductively say in a seductive voice, "Sideways Man." The last person to do so must take another drink. If there is a tie everyone who tied takes two drinks.

Caruso does the above and then takes off his sunglasses.
Take 1 drink then stand up, look pensively off into the distance, mime taking off sunglasses and say, "I'm so hot, damnit." The last person to do so must take two drinks and wear sunglasses for the rest of the show. If there is a tie everyone who tied must switch drink glasses.

Caruso gets the tall, supermodel chick to like him and/or flirt with him via some strange screen writers imagination.
No one takes a drink. Everyone stares at the screen and screams, "NO WAY!"

You get the picture?


Quote of the day - "Good lord once you see Caruso's stupid acting the whole show is near comedy! " (

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