Friday, October 31, 2008

David Caruso - Art or just Trash?

We are well aware of the fact, that when it comes to art there are widely diverging views. What is beautiful and a masterpiece for one person, is tacky and pure trash for the other. Or like the old folks used to say - different strokes for different folks.
Pictured above is a David Caruso/HoCaine-magnet-set.
We are don't know who produces those monstrosities or if they are sold in large numbers. We don't know where they are sold. Or how many fans own such a set. (We assume that David Caruso owns a set since he collects everything about HoCaine/himself.)
But if...give it isn't worth the money you paid for. Besides, it is plain UGLY!
Quote of the day -" Oh David Caruso... is there anything you CAN'T ruin with overacting?" (

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