Friday, October 17, 2008

...bigger than David Caruso's, if you get my drift!

CSI:Miami - ...This may be the only show that I could rate as crap but still watch.
My lone reason for not liking it is David Caruso.
David Caruso is the devil. Only a lot easier to hate, and clad in less stylish togs.
....David, you make me want to rip off my own toes and use them to plug my own ears. I was going to list off all the things I don't like about you, but it would be way easier to just to list the one thing I do like.
Gimmie a minute.....LOL!
Quote of the day - ".....Oh, and not any variation on CSI - fucking David Caruso's syphilis-raddled face has poisoned me against all forms of CSI forever..."(

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