Monday, October 20, 2008

David Caruso - The one to blame

CSI Miami Season 7 continues where CSI Miami Season 6 ended - with exceptionally bad acting and scripting.
Who is to blame for the downfall of show?
The actors?
The writers?
The producers?
All of them?

One viewer offers a comprehensible explanation as to why CSI Miami has become as bad as it is:

"...Thinking about this show is probably a sign of serious mental illness, but I think maybe we're blaming the writers too much. I mean, how much effort would *you* put into writing a script if you knew that every single scene was going to be chopped and simplified and twisted out of shape by Caruso?
He can't commune with props, he can't handle thresholds, and his idea of "acting" involves putting sunglasses on and off, standing with his hands on his hips, and looking away from the person he is supposed to be talking to.
Then his colossal ego insists that he be the one to make every important discovery ("What's that on his chest, Alexxxxx2?" "I think it's an arrow. I'd never have noticed that 2-foot long thing sticking out of his heart if you hadn't been here, Lieutenant. Hallowed are the HoCaine..."), arrive magically (or at superspeed) at every sign of trouble and deflect it with a single glance, and terrify, er, commune with children and Hispanic women in white dresses.
The best writer in the world couldn't make a sensible story out of that lot. Who can blame them for turning to drugs and drink? "..(posted by ANEN)

We think this has merrit! Do you know now WHO most likely is to blame for the crapfest CSI Miami has turned into? WE DO...


Quote of the day - "I’m not a big David Caruso fan and the fact that I love this film despite him is a testament to how great this film is...." (

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