Saturday, October 18, 2008

David Caruso - It simply SUCKS!

We all know that most of David Caruso's supporters are either illiterate, ignorant or just so delusional that rational thoughts hardly ever cross their mind. Most of them gather at dojo's blog (who gives the term "ignorant" a whole new meaning) or at the CBS CSI Miami Community Message Board.
The more remarkable is it that one of the visitors/posters of the latter speaks up and openly addresses the shortcomings Icon of Idiocy David Caruso and CSI Miami suffer from.
We are sure many of our readers/visitors/fans will agree with the poster:

"CSI Miami was once a CSI-styled procedural. Honestly, it was better when it was a Miami-based version of the original show. Somehow along the way, in an effort to make it more and more "it's own show," it morphed into a poorly-written one hour action movie/soap.
Caruso's character used to ply his bomb squad expertise on the scene, in the lab, etc. He had on gloves. He wore a coat in the lab. He actually LOOKED like a CSI!
He does NOTHING on the scenes anymore, except stand with his hands on his hips, asking in that lifeless, whispery monotone, "what have we got, Frank/Calleigh/Er-ic?"
Then we watch as the others gather all the info, clean the scene, do all the CSI work, then, predictably, Horatio shows up on the scene, (often literally materializing out of nowhere) at the last possible moment with guns ablazing, to save the day. If Grissom or Mac did that, they'd find themselves in hiatus after two episodes.
It saddens me, because as a fan of this show, this all justifies the negative comments, even the mockery that CSI: Miami has received from it's critics. I want the old CSI Miami back, y'know, the one Willie Pete used to hate, not the one he's probably laughing at...."..(posted by csibrotha )

Quote of the day - "... It is the single most remarkable jump in quality I could possibly imagine, besides what removing David Caruso from CSI: Miami would accomplish...." (

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