Monday, October 27, 2008

David Caruso - Just like a dead mackerel!

This very accurate comment was left on our post "David Caruso - Consumate Bad Actor". We like it so much that we think it deserves to be given room in an own topic!

David Caruso is THE absolute WORST actor, perhaps of all time... he gives new meaning to the term "method acting". His "method", is to play the EXACT same character, in every role he`s ever "acted". He`s so completely BAD, that I can`t help but laugh when I see him, But I can`t change the channel fast enough to keep my nose from furling, and grimacing like someone just hit me with a dead mackerel. I would rather watch Bill and Ted`s Excellent Adventure 24 hours straight, than to watch Caruso for more than 5 seconds....

You know, Caruso plays EXACT same character, in every role because he has neither the talent nor the range to form/create a new character. Imagine, being a writer for a TV show and having to write lines for a dimwit like Caruso ....a nightmare!


Quote of the day - "David Caruso is the single worst actor in the history of the universe...Yes, even including Paris Hilton and Freddie Prinze Junior." (

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