Sunday, October 12, 2008

World leaders join forces to rid the TV of David Caruso!


Our many readers/friends/visitors know that there are no limits when it comes to artisitc freedom. And that we like to take ideas and put our own spin to it. Like the following. Sometimes such "remakes" are way better than the original!


...European leaders have been involved in further discussions to establish a common approach to dealing with the ridiculously bad acting by Icon of Idiocy, David Caruso. French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel both agreed that banning the ugly red-head from TV was the only option since Caruso's acting is clearly a insult to every viewers' intelligence.
Chancellor Merkel said that over the past year David Caruso appears to have undergone a complete meltdown. She pointed out that the actors' performance was not only downright laughable, but also completely nonsensical most of the time.
Austrian president Heinz Fischer locked himself in his hotel room and refused to attend the meeting as he claimed that everybody was picking on him for having watched "Jade". UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown called Fischer on his mobile and accused him of behaving like a ‘Big Girl’s blouse’.
In a separate development, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that he would support any action against the actor. Besides, he liked CSI and was fed-up with the trash that is CSI Miami.
US President George Bush put in a late appearance at the meeting and pledged co-ordinated action. He said that it was a serious global crisis that demanded a serious response. He promised that if the untalented actor with the ugly face ever would cross his path he would have shipped him to Australia!...
Quote of the day -"... i hate david caruso, and i hate csi miami, but this comic is the perfect representation of why i hate both..." (

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