Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Caruso - Orange sound-bites

Obviously, David Caruso's acting causes visual nightmares.
So does a picture of Icon of Idiocy David Caruso and a couple of pumpkins. Too much orange for comfort. Phew...
The following are hilarious sound-bites bloggers have left upon stumpling upon the hideous image of David Caruso posing at the famous pumpkin patch.

* Waaaay too orange-y. Not the pumpkins.

* Too matchy-matchy.

* Misanthrope steals Nick Nolte's pumpkin and mockingly flees.

* Those pumpkins are gonna look cool once he finds sunglasses to fit them.

* Caruso's hair looks like straw. Too much processing can damage your hair and your brain. That comb-over style does nothing for Caruso's extreme homely looks

* Jesus - he should so not pose with anything remotely in his hair color spectrum...

* I iz on a tellyvision show - look at my crotch!
I do not have a small wee-wee
I do not envy William Peterson

* He wears swag from his own show?

* His JADE belt buckle must have been in the shop for detailing

* "no lines to memorized - i SO aced this scene!"

* When see this I feel like I just put a coin in a slot machine.
Quote of the day - "...By comparison, the Miami series suffers from hambone David Caruso’s showboating – the shameless way he slips into action hero poses, doffing his sunglasses to brush aside a pesky forelock when jumping from a car." (http://www.cbc.ca/arts/tv/thedeadzone.html)

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