Friday, October 24, 2008

David Caruso - Terms of Endearment

Over the last months/years people have called/come up with a lot of names for David Caruso:
* Icon of Idiocy (very fitting!)
* Douch-nuzzle
* Leprechaun
* wrinkled orange
* Pasty-faced dipshit (one of our favorites!)
are just a few terms of endearment.

Today someone called David Caruso simply APPALING.
We like it.
It is such a simple term but it describes David Caruso perfectly. We won't deprive our many visitors/readers of the pleasure of the original comment:

"David Caruso On a Corn Stick. I saw a promo for CSI Miami (no, I don't watch it) that had him front and center, looking like a space alien. There was a comedian, I think it was the late Dennis Wolfberg, who said the key to being a celebrity was to have a large head on a tiny, tiny body.
Is that man supposed to be sexually appalling or appealing to women?
He is not at all attractive to me...."

But then, hardly anyone finds Icon of Idiocy David Caruso really attractive...

Quote of the day - "...Not to mention maintaining a bleached white, pasty-faced complexion. David Caruso is a complete turn off. " (

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