Sunday, October 5, 2008

David Caruso - Photoshop, PLEASE!!!

Is there still anyone out there who hasn't noticed that his looks have detoriated over the last years? Icon of Idiocy, David Caruso is clearly not aging well. It is the careworn face of an (ex)-alcoholic, a smoker, a loser.
Some people live productive and satisfying lifes. While some people live like assholes. Just like David Caruso - and it shows in every deep wrinkle on his ugly face.
Some time ago we asked our many readers/fans/visitors about their opinion about Caruso's detoriating looks. A few days ago this poll closed. Proudly, we present you the results:

Question: Nature hasn´t been too nice to our favourite ginger butt-boy David Caruso. What do you prefer(

Poll created on: August 2, 2008
Poll closed on: October 3, 2008
People voted: 40

* Photoshop 43%
* The sad truth (Moobs and potbelly) 40%
* Neither/Nor 18 %

In David Caruso's case people obviously prefer the fake over the sad truth. Wise choice! Who wants to see the sad sagging 52-year-old-truth anyway?

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