Monday, October 6, 2008

David Caruso - The hunchback thing

What wrong with CSI: Miami?
After all, David Caruso graduated top of his class from the William Shatner School of Over Acting. There aren't too many actors with credentials like that! :rolleyes:
Honestly, I think David Caruso is one of the worst actors on TV. He has that Billy Bad Ass attitude and if he were to do that in the real world, some thug would knock the crap out of his frail, little body!
David Caruso is one weird dude.
Have you ever noticed how he can't stand directly in front of someone without facing to their left? Plus he's always doing the hunchback thing. His demeanor is easily the strangest I've seen on TV.
Quote of the day - "....and Caruso is standing over his dead body all alone, posing for the camera, hands on hips, pushing back the coat and as he turns and walks away he mutters, "I love you" to his dead brother. It's so ineptly done I almost fell off the couch....!"(

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