Monday, October 27, 2008

We say its David Caruso and Emily Procter too!

Icon of Idiocy David Caruso seems to have his bitchy moments again. Ever wondered why Emily Procter and David Caruso almost never have scenes together?
One might find the answer in the following article bei AUSIELLO (thank you for sharing this great piece!):

...."Everybody have a tissue handy? If not, grab one, 'cause it's time for another blind item, and this one's so juicy you should already be drooling.
It seems the star of a certain hit series has, to quote my mole, "a lot of rules" about the conditions under which he will work. None of his castmates like this -- it's diva antics, of course -- but only the show's female lead has the clout to say she won't put up with it. As a result, the two have gone from acting in few scenes together to acting in none whatsoever. (In fact, despite a story arc that would have made it nearly impossible for their characters to logically avoid one another, so far this season, they haven't crossed paths once.)
So, guesses as to the identities of the Mr. Big whose Method is so maddening and the one costar with the stones to rock the boat? I'll give you one more hint, then you're on your own: The show has, I hear, "already lost one actress" at least in part due to conflicts over Mr. Man and his master thespian baggage. Your turn. Who are the players in this frosty backstage drama?.."

Our educated guess (and the guess of most of the commenters): David Caruso and Emily Procter

Can anyone tell us WHAT REASON someone untalented like David Caruso has to behave like this? What a FREAK!!!
Quote of the day - "..However, chances are it's CSI: Miami, they've lost cast members and Caruso is a bonefide asshole..." (

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