Thursday, October 16, 2008

David Caruso's Dating Poll

Another funny little poll has closed.
However, this one is especially interesting.
Because once again Icon of Idiocy David Caruso has proven to the world that he obviously drops his pants faster than our reader/fans/visitors can vote. His latest, still unknown bed-bunny had to wait in the car while old man Caruso was getting a few pumpkins and some love from the paparazzi. We do wonder WHERE does that man find dumb tarts like that?

Anyway, on to the poll/results:

Question: David Caruso is out dating again. After only 4 months he changed women once again. What do you think is his biggest misstep datingwise?(

Poll created: Aug 16, 2008.
Poll closed: October 16, 2008
Total votes: 49

  • Vivica Fox - David Caruso's latest love interest 57%
  • Amina Islam - David Caruso's bed bunny from April to July 2008 24%
  • Liza Marquez - David Caruso's girlfriend from 2005-2007 18%

We all know David Caruso's dating choices are more than questionable most of the time. Who needs women with brains/careers as long as they are young and willing, right Dave? We guess, at his age and with his shortcomings he can't be too picky. The clock is ticking and this replacements replacement will be finishing college.... soon!
Quote of the day - "...AR started as a crappy actor and has graduated to decent actor while Caruso has regressed to high school style acting..." (

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