Monday, October 6, 2008

European leaders discuss Icon of Idiocy David Caruso!

Ready for the laugh of the day?
Ready to make fun of Icon of Idiocy David Caruso?
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....European leaders met today to discuss the ridiculously bad performance they have to watch week after week by one David Caruso. European Commission President, Jos̩ Manuel Barroso accused DAVID CARUSO of being the absolutely worst he ever had to see on a TV-screen. He said that with the financial markets in disarray, the last thing everybody needed was a red-headed badly aging three-times-divorced ex-acloholic ruining his evening.French President, Nicolas Sarkozy said that it was time that CBS and Allian Atlantis pulled their finger out and made more of an effort to make CSI Miami a better show or to ax it at all. He went on to claim that he was so fed-up with the ridiculous posing , the childish one-liners, the idiotic sunglasses shtick and the orange filters.Austrian president, Heinz Fischer ruled out military intervention to take over CBS Рan idea suggested by UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Fischer claimed that at the time of the release, CSI Miami was good enough to watch. Sadly, that has changed during the last years. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel laughed at this comment, pointing out that Caruso must be kept off the TV-screen FOREVER. Merkel also went on to say that the sooner this would be achgieved, the more enjoyable TV evenings would be. She also claimed that she spent that much time trawling through the ridiculous illiterate trash some David Caruso fans post, that she barely had time to run her country.
Quote of the day -"... Why is David Caruso, a no talent hack, still employed? Do we need 18 CSI’s?.." (

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