Thursday, October 2, 2008

David Caruso - Trainwreck TV

The following is a highly interesting comment by TV Guide's very own MATT ROUSH.
Kudos to him for so openly expressing his opinion. An opinion legions of people share with him, including US!

Matt Roush: "Is there a more useless season-ending cliffhanger stunt than pretending that your lead actor has been shot and killed — regardless of how many people are secretly pining for it to be true. (Lots, according to my mailbag.) More fans are curious about what the text message meant on Ryan's phone after the shots rang out. Believe me when I say the answer to that puzzle and to Horatio's fate is not only groaningly obvious but also (typical for this show) absolutely preposterous. Train-wreck TV, indeed. ....."

Thank you, Matt!

Quote of the day - That’s much more interesting to me than David Caruso and his mirrorshades. (

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