Friday, May 23, 2008

David Caruso - Consummate bad actor


I would say I hate him, but we'll just go with strongly dislike.
I mean...could the guy ACT if he didn't have a pair of sunglasses?!?! He just annoys the hell outta me. He truly brings shame to the acting profession.
Someone oughta put Caruso in a flick with Keanu Reeves and sell it as a sleep aid. Howdy Doody, is a terribad actor .
I got into watching his CSI show for awhile though because he is laughably bad to me. I mean seriously, how can you not just laugh when you see him?
David Caruso's limited acting skills: he seems to have two or three mannerisms that he overuses and a very limited range of emotions that he is able to portray.
is probably one of the worst actors next to Hayden Christiansen.

Quote of the day: P.S. David who?


Anonymous said...

Caruso is THE absolute WORST actor, perhaps of all time... he gives new meaning to the term "method acting". His "method", is to play the EXACT same character, in every role he`s ever "acted". He`s so completely BAD, that I can`t laugh when I see him, But I can`t change the channel fast enough to keep my nose from furling, and grimacing like someone just hit me with a dead mackeral. I would rather watch Bill and Ted`s Excellent Adventure 24 hours straight, than to watch Carusu for more than 5 seconds.

Cole said...

Nobody can watch this shrivelled orange longer than that!