Sunday, March 23, 2008

David Caruso - 75-98% WOODEN

Acting? What acting?? David Caruso is as wooden block of wood!
David Caruso pretending to be a good actor isn't even something I could fake my way through (Even for the sake of alcohol!!!).

I have had the chance to meet many amateur, semi-pro and pro actors and I'd have to say that just about every one of them had more range than David Caruso.

I recently rented the first season of NYPD Blue on DVD because I'd never seen it. I was pleasantly surprised by Caruso's acting there -I'd rate it as 75% wooden, compared to the 98% wooden job he does on CSI Miami.

Also, I'm giving Caruso two points for CSI Miami because I swore I saw him change facial expressions TWICE..... LOL!!!
Source: TV com

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