Thursday, March 6, 2008

David Caruso - Douchebag tales from the set

If you ask people which term they associate David Caruso with- the answer you'll get- not surprisingly - almost every time is - douche(bag).

Well, very telling, isn't it....LOL
We are amused by the little pieces of "on-set" anectodes that appear now and then. They are fun to read and give you an entertaining insight at what happens on set while the work on more or less watchable episodes.
Here are two of the best:

@by secretagentman
"A friend shot an episode opposite him. She told me they would shoot all of Caruso's stuff first up, and she would have to do her closeups with a stand-in because by 12, 1ish, Caruso is totally 'gone'***. Seriously, he's the mayor of Crazy Town"
(What does "gone" mean - drunk?exhausted?stoned?)

@by DCI Gene Hunt
"Caruso is the new Shatner..... And he's a diet coke fiend, too. I used to see a lot of dailies from the show, and it's just take after take of Caruso improvising dialogue up to the scenes money line, and right at the big moment, he'll bust the take and say "I'm not feeling it, get me a diet coke"
I thought about building a gag reel of those moments, but there were just way too many"
(Oh, how WE wish you had!!!)
WE WANT MORE of that.......LOL!!!

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