Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Caruso - CSI Cardboard Redheaded dude.

What business does David Fucking Caruso have doing on television anymore? He looks like a dryed up lime. His acting technique is nearly as honed to the bone as Bill Shatner. How many scenes can David Caruso chew up? Shouldn't there be a limit? A moratorium on this?

And his ridiculous character! Horatio Caine is someone trying to be cool but isn't. His brooding is excessive, and his constant staring off into space is predictable.

Then there's David Caruso's inability to find a place for his hands. He's constantly putting them on his hips or putting on/taking off his sunglasses.

David Caruso.....his tilted face, slow drawl and stupid dialog.......after about 5 episodes, this gets alternately annoying and hilarious.....David Caruso is the worst actor ever, officially ...
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