Sunday, March 30, 2008

David Caruso - F-A-K-E

David Caruso could not act if his life depended on it. He tries too hard to be like Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, and he tries to act all tough, when in reality Caruso sucks. He is typecast because he can only play one type of character - and a dumb ass cop who thinks he's cool.....

I have no idea what David Caruso is doing when he's portraying the character in one of the most annoying ways I've ever seen. Can't take it.Simply cannot watch that body language . . . it is so disturbingly weird and stupid. I've never seen anybody in real life do that odd repeated posturing he does. . . . setting up a stance, turning his body sideways, then cocking his head sideways, sometimes taking off his sunglasses for more effect, I swear to God it looks more like he's getting all jocked up to take a pee!!

Just as dumbass as he's playing it, are the people directing and producing and allowing him to do that. Caruso is simply ridiculous. The man has no charisma and comes out really fake and sounding like a poser ...

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