Friday, March 14, 2008

David Caruso = Howdy Doody

We've never deviated from the original C.S.I., refusing to subject ourselves to David Caruso's narcissistic shtick. Half of his performance consists of taking his moody sunglasses off and putting them on again as if he were making an existential Fashion Statement.

David Caruso is so out of place. We wish someone would tell him that his attempt to emulate Clint Eastwood doesn't work when he looks like Howdy Doody

Every time we see him, we can't get past the image of Howdy Doody. In our mind, Caruso becomes:
A serious Howdy Doody,
Howdy Doody trying to be sexy,
Howdy Doody expressing sorrow, anger, cynicism, and so forth,
Howdy Doody method acting, etc.

David Caruso's ruined Howdy Doody for us!


Anonymous said...

Howdy expresses those emotions better.I noticed,however,they have the same nose and the same receding hairline.Perhaps they were carved from the same tree.That would explain Caruso's wooden performance.I get that he's trying to be the poor man's Clint Eastwood.He might be more successful emulating Donny Most.

Cole said...

Whomever he tries to emulate - Caruso fails miserably - like with almost everything in his life.