Thursday, March 20, 2008

David Caruso - Difficult Artiste

Just finally catching up to this news from last week, but Defamer had a particularly intriguing account of David Caruso's on-set behavior at"CSI." (

What's amazing to me - why has Forest Hills-own DC been on good behavior for so long? Or maybe no one's paid attention, which seems highly unlikely? I'll never forget DC's exit from "NYPD Blue" - in a blaze of bad karma, as he sought an early out from his contract to get into "serious" acting on the big screen.

Show-runners were furious, while his co-actors felt both betrayed and deeply grateful (a curious feeling no doubt) because he was such an incredibly difficult guy to work with, or as someone put it to me, "he sucks all the oxygen out of the room..."

But karma's karma and after DC's "Jade" and "Kiss of Death" tanked, he had to get back into TV. But he got smart, avoided a Don Johnson-type rep, kept his head down and "CSI: Miami" became one of TV's biggest hits.
But what does this bad press (all of a sudden) mean?
Maybe the REAL David Caruso - the one "that sucks all the oxygen out of the room..." - rears his UGLY HEAD again?

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