Thursday, March 13, 2008

David Caruso - Internal Blunt Force Trauma

Between NYPD Blue and CSI Miami, something happened to David Caruso which his admirers call a movie career but I think might have been a brainstorm.

Some internal blunt force trauma convinced him that if he pouted thoughtfully enough while taking his dark glasses off before putting them on again, we might finally register the iconic perfection of his face.

On screen Caruso stands sideways no matter what, just so that we can see his face from all angles. The director, perhaps per contract, cooperates by closing in until Caruso's face fills the frame. It remains, however, just a face, which is the very thing that the iconic face refuses to do.

The iconic face is radiant with the incorporation of the ideal. Its owner can be as dumb as they come and have no acting talent at all, yet somehow the fearful symmetry comes shining out.


Anonymous said...

I think he feels that his face in full frontal mode is his least attractive aspect.I actually agree.From the front you get the full effect of the Irish pug and the beady eyes.He gets paid a lot for doing so little.I wonder if he laughs all the way to the bank.

Cole said...

He does, he does. Not only that. I bet he thinks he is the hottest ticket on this planet DESPITE being ginger.