Thursday, March 13, 2008

David Caruso - Method sunglass wearing

I gave David Caruso a fair amount of shit for dragging down the Miami-based show of the franchise. The exact quote, in fact, was, “He’s the 21st century’s TV cop equivalent of Jack Lord – Steve McGarrett in ‘Hawaii Five-O’ – and he utters every line in such an overly dramatic manner that you just want to laugh at him.”

David Caruso’s never heard of the concept of underacting.

This guy has been a loser ever since he and his overinflated ego walked away from NYPD Blue after one season, thinking that he was going to be so in demand that he could call his own shots. Half a dozen bad movies later he was fortunate enough to get a second chance with CSI (must be frends with the producer ).

David Caruso is truly a TERRIBLE (over) actor.


Anonymous said...

Jack Lord is a perfect comparison but somehow, you can justify Jack's perfomance.He always seemed so sincere.It's harder to accept an actor who sidles around like a crab and mumbles hackneyed one-liners.I've noticed as the years go by he moves less and less except for ducking backwards out of frame.He used to attempt a little science, run up a few steps', walk down a hall.Now he stands very still,delivers his line and ducks.Pretty soon he'll just phone it in.

Cole said...

After reading the piece on the defamer I think Caruso is an illiterate who even can't two things at one time...