Saturday, March 1, 2008

David Caruso is Thundercat Karatedongle.....

We decided to start this new month with a little bit of fun. We found the above picture on the net.Unfortunately, we don't have a link, nor do we know which blogsite it is from.
However, it is very funny and just too good to miss. Great work, guys!!!

It already has been said before, David Caruso brings the best and the worst out of people and this entertaining picture clearly belongs to someone's BEST.

Quotes of the day: David Caruso is a desiccated leprechaun!!!

"Caruso" is actually Spanish for "penis" and so the show takes on an entirely different, hilarious meaning in Spanish speaking countries. However, "Caruso" is just the actor's name, and isn't mentioned on the show except for the credits. The character's name is Thundercat Karatedongle.......
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