Wednesday, March 19, 2008

David Caruso - One-note kind of guy

A local paper's TV writer annouced that David Caruso was one of The most annoying actors on television. The Shows' popularity doesn't make Caruso any less irritating

The current prime-time landscape has a couple of guys who drive me nuts.
The shows aren't nearly as annoying as the stars, who are riddled with quirks and affectations. One person's irritant is another person's pleasure, but this fellow, who labors under an ego the size of Texas, is one of The Most Irritating Actors on Television.
Here's why - David Caruso as Horatio Caine, 'CSI: Miami' (CBS, 9 p.m. Mondays)

The opening scene of almost every episode finds tangerine-topped Caruso standing in profile, arms akimbo, posed against a brilliant Miami sky. He moves, as if in slow motion, toward a gruesome crime scene and doffs his designer sunglasses."Alex . . . what do we have here?" he asks, shifting his GQ model pose left to right. Or right to left, depending on his mood.

After Alex, the elegant lady who performs the icky autopsies, sets the scene for him, Caruso puts his sunglasses back on with melodramatic precision.......The final scene of the hour always finds Caruso again striking a pose, staring tragically into the horizon, the hero with a heart of gold, as the camera lingers on his golden glow. Caruso delivers his lines in ellipses.

Cadence and rhythm never change. The voice has an up-and-down melodic quality that is softly modulated for dramatic effect. Sounds good in theory, but it's incredibly irritating, because it's always the same. Whether he's hissing (add locked jaw and squint here) or cooing sympathetically the volume is low, the head cocked at a neck-spraining angle.

Minus the sunglasses, Caruso was exactly the same in his one-season stint (1992-93) on "NYPD Blue." He abandoned that series to become a movie star, remember? And then made the box-office duds "Kiss of Death" and "Jade."
As Detective Andy Sipowicz's overly earnest partner Detective John Kelly, Caruso's trademark line, oft-parodied on "Saturday Night Live," was, "You OK?"
The overused line wasn't in the scripts nearly as often as he spoke it.The two cops were not supposed to be similar, but Caruso is a poser, a one-note kind of guy whose mannered melodrama has become COMICAL.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a one trick pony.I used to blame the writers for the hackneyed, unbelievably corny dialogue delivered in exactly the same way every show.Now I hear Caruso rewrites almost every line.
I apologize to the creative department of CSI Miami.
There are certain irritating phrases that are used over and over again, which now affect me like finger nails dragged down a blackboard:
-Hang in there
-The question becomes
-What do we have here(Frank)
and a thousand more.I watch the show because I enjoy hating it.

Cole said...

Likewise. I watch it an enjoy snarking about it. But reading Caruso's on-se antics It is no wonder nobody wants to give him another job. The man is a NIGHTMARE