Sunday, March 23, 2008

David Caruso the NEXT Hasselhof???

David Caruso is the most unintentionally campy ham on TV currently. Hilarious to watch this man play a tough guy.

Miami CSI -- The funniest cop drama on TV.... I watch this show every Monday and marvel at how amusingly over the top it is.

The breathy sunglasses on/sunglasses off dramatics of David "NYPD Ego" Caruso, the so sympathetic it hurts ME.......I used to think it was just a horrible show with great plots, now I think that a gentleman on IMDB is correct with his post indicating it is a spoof.

When I watch David Caruso, I have to wonder if he went to the William Shatner Drama School with his odd vocal cadences, over the top emoting, and just general wackiness.
Maybe if we wait long enough, we might get to hear The Great Caruso sing...


Anonymous said...

DC certainly is a carboard character(no depth).Campy is a good description of the acting style but it implies that the actor is in on he joke.Most of the time I don't believe Caruso is in on it.At other times I think he must know he is ridiculous.He can't be so stupid as to believe he's a serious dramatic actor.

Anonymous said...

When the series winds down.Caruso will never work again.He is not only completely type cast(like all the Star Trek guys)but no self respecting producer would hire him as a serious dramatic actor.Of course they could make a CSI Miami movie(a la Star Trek).

Cole said...

You are right. I don't think Caruso is on to the joke. He takes himself much too seriously.
I hear he even has CSI Miami stuff decorating his HOME.