Saturday, March 29, 2008

David Caruso - Just... tremendously bad!

At 10 pm as happens most Mondays, I have one question on my mind: why in the hell did I just watch CSI: Miami? It isn't very good television. The writing is second-rate, and the acting is, well, less than superlative, and that's being charitable.
The entire cast of the show needs acting lessons, especially my least favorite television actor, David Caruso.

If David Caruso had an acting teacher, do you think the teacher admits this in shame when (s)he's drunk and crying into her/his extra-dry martinis at some hole-in-the-wall? CSI: Miami is replete with bad acting (and bad dialogue) but Caruso stands head and shoulders above the entire assemblage.

Chew the Scenery ( is my favorite way to refer to over-acting. As in, "Did you see David Caruso chew up the scenery on CSI: Miami last night?"

He substitutes a monotone for acting; he whips his sunglasses on and off for dramatic effect multiple times per episode, and he punches his lines like a red-headed step-child.
David Caruso is as bad, or even worse in many ways, as Star Trek-era William Shatner, or TJ Hooker-era William Shatner.

Let's get David Caruso a job as a doctor on Scrubs, or some similar, over-the-top, screwball comedy program. This way his tremendously bad - egregiously bad - monumentally bad - EXTRAordinarily bad acting will be the tongue-in-cheek, high comedy that it should be.

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