Sunday, March 9, 2008

David Caruso - IFC's Dinner for Five

Anyone ever see IFC's Dinner for Five with David Milch?

It was a fabulous episode, and Milch talked about how much of a dick he thought David Caruso was when they worked on NYPD Blue together.

To the point where, during a heated argument with Caruso, Milch felt a sharp pain in his chest and realized he was having a heart attack.
But he wouldn't let "that son of a bitch" (BTW VERY APPOPRIATE TERM FOR CARUSO) win the argument by default - and he didn't want Caruso to know he'd gotten under Milch's skin so badly it was literally killing him - so Milch continued the spat until he had the last word, and stalked off, only to collapse the second he was out of Caruso's sightline .......
WE are loving it !!!
Yes, that Dinner for Five is David Caruso-BASHING AT ITS FINEST!!!
Great stuff!!!

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