Wednesday, March 5, 2008

David Caruso - About props and thresholds!

The following is an absolute highlight. Read and learn something about David Caruso on set. ENJOY.
WE DID!!!!

Just back from LA and was staying with a friend who's in Jericho. One of the scriptwriters for the show used to work on CSI: Miami and apparently David Caruso really is the arse he appears.
A new director was setting up a shot and as he was laying out the scene suggested that Caruso should walk through a door, into a room and pick up a bottle of something and open it etc. The producers took the tyro to one side and pointed out that "David gets a bit lost in props". Reasonably pointing out that it was quite a simple manoeuvre he was told that there was only a limited amount of time for the shoot and David didn't have the time to work out the meaning of the props.
Gradually the action was whittled down to him just walking through the door and giving his line. To this the young director is once again taken to one side and it is explained to him that "David isn't very good with thresholds". He also asked when, in the scene, there will be a close up of the sunglasses - in every scene.

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