Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David Caruso looks like a puppy...LOL

(*Strong language courtesy of original author! LOL!)

.....If CSI is about crime scene investigators, CSI Miami is all about David Caruso's sunglasses. There's room for little else. Every episode begins with Caruso posing in the middle of the crime scene, looking around with his hands on his hips, desperately trying to look cool

David Caruso tries to act like his character outsmarts everyone and doesn't care about anything but getting the criminals behind bars (expect that he apparently has a soft spot for little girls). Alright, nothing wrong with that. The thing just is that Caruso fails.

Always when he opens that filthy hole in his face that has "insert penis here" written all over it that is supposed to be his mouth, you'll have serious trouble not putting the sound off to avoid his fucking annoying way to talk.

I don't think the plots in CSI Miami differ much from CSI's and the other actors are equally good – they don’t piss me off but they don’t deserve any praise either.

It's just that fucking David Caruso that ruins any chance of CSI Miami being entertaining. You can't create a charismatic, ”endless pit of cool” kind of character if it's actor looks like a pupy...


Anonymous said...

I agree he's totally irritating and ridiculous.He's also an ass in his private life.So please explain to me why CSI Miami is the most popular show in the world?I just don't get it.

Cole said...

The only explanation for me - why so many people watch the show - is tht they like to make fun of it.
Popular and most watched doesn't necessarily mean THE BEST.

Many people have found in Caruso a person to ridicule. They don't necessarily like him. I dont know many people who do.