Monday, March 31, 2008

.....on David Caruso

I mean seriously.
Where does this guy come off
like a bad ass?
I stumbled across some old movies of him acting like a bad ass in some old 80's bs, and then - for whatever reason - I was bored enough to try to make it through a episode of CSI: Miami.
I couldn't do it, i just couldn't.

Where does he come off?
he has ever done is playing some sort of rebel bad ass cop who plays by his own rules, but where does he ever do anything to justify it?

He doesn't.
He just throws his chin up in the air, and makes some sort of profoundly disappointing statement that a 4 year old could have figured out.
It's like Chuck Norris
(who I will go on record as saying, a great bad ass), without the ability to kick ass. All you're left with is the cockyness and shitty acting.
I just want to know this David Caruso, where is your validation for your bad assidness?

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