Sunday, September 7, 2008

....The thing about CSI Miami and David Caruso is...

....The thing about CSI Miami and David Caruso is, they aren't supposed to be good. Maybe they started the spin-off seriously, but it very quickly became evident that what made people watch it is how entirely ridiculous it is.
CSI Miami is like renting a bad movie. Like MST3000 mocked it bad, except without having to go rent anything.
David Caruso, as far as I can tell, is over-the-top AND utterly lame.
The gritted teeth.
The narrowed eyes.
The raw daggers of emotion exploding from every wrinkle when he checks his watch, has a piss, or looks out of the window. Watching him in that show just makes me want to hurt myself for being part of the same species....


Quote of the day - ....."I find it amusing that networks are so concerned about the program content that they note the writers and producers to death and then when the show is aired it’s obliterated by Brad Garrett or David Caruso (and nothing can kill a laugh faster than seeing that mug on TV)....." ( )

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