Monday, September 8, 2008

David Caruso - The world's skinniest tough guy...

CSI Miami?

Worst show ever! Never in the history of entertainment has there been a worse actor than David Caruso!
The posturing like we haven't seen since the silent movies, the ability to turn the biggest man to jelly with just a glance, his every threat treated with complete reverence. Oh, and his ability to be the only cop in Miami making the collar......
  • Okay, first: when he makes one of his numerous "you better look out for me"-type threats, why doesn't someone just punch him in his scrawny ribcage?

  • Second: Is David Caruso contractually obliged to pose with his gun drawn at least three times per episode?

  • Third: Like most shows, no matter how many cops a city employs, why is the star the only one who finds clues and tackles the bad guy in the end?

  • My favorite CSI: Miami episode was when they knew that at that precise moment, the killer would be attempting to kill someone at a hospital all the way across town. Do they call headquarters to have some uniformed cops intercept? Nope...HoCaine apparently was able to race across town and be there, waiting, naturally with his gun drawn. Who needs other cops?
My typical viewing of this show is: turn it on, watch the coronor molest the body and talk about how babygirl died so young or whatever, watch the world's skinniest tough guy put on his sunglasses and say how the criminal made a huge mistake by raising his ire, and change the channel two minutes in, saying out loud "what a d**k!"

.....Now you've got the worst show ever.

Quote of the day - "....David C good at taking off sunglasses and giving profound seeming soundbites, but if this venture's to succeed, the man surely has some learning to do....."(

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