Saturday, September 6, 2008

David Caruso - New CSI Miami Season 7 Promo Pictures.

For all those who are interested there are new promotional pictures of CSI Miami season 7 episode 2 "Won't get fueled again" available on (

Not much is new....

David Caruso/HoCaine is wearing the same old black suit again.
David Caruso/HoCaine shows off the same lame old poses again.
David Caruso/HoCaine sports a brandnew pair of sunnies.
David Caruso/HoCaine is wearing the same old stupid expression on his face as ever.

Quote of the day - uh....i hope he is dead and gone from csi miami so i can start watching again. he thinks he's so cool but everyone i know thinks he's an ass .." (


expertzinc said...

always love csi miami. but my most likely csi realted tv series is NCIS and CSI.

Cole said...

Mine are CSI and Criminal Minds.