Wednesday, September 10, 2008

David Caruso - Canadian Buddies!

Since we started this little blog we have come to the conclusion that some bloggers have a rare, yet entertaining sense of humor. Especially, Canadian bloggers. The following was penned by such a rare Canadian talent.
Keep up the good work, buddy!

....Apparently I find David Caruso more annoying than I thought! I love CSI. Mostly Vegas and NY, and I would like Miami if it wasn't for Horatio/David Caruso. Who yes, deserves to be shot. Several times. Definitely the most irritating of the CSIs...
So last night I saw a preview for the season premiere of CSI: Miami. Instead of a Shocking! Finale! I guess they're planning a Shocking! Beginning! because according to the preview, Horatio Caine (David Caruso) starts the season by being shot dead. Yes, I'm sure it's a fakeout of some sort. I can't imagine Caruso quitting his second hit show after the disaster that followed his departure from NYPD Blue.
Mind you, if I had to playHoratio Caine every week, I might consider faking my own death, let alone the character's...."

Quote of the day - "...This would be much better if it was "Caruso" and it was about stranding David Caruso on an island... with no sunglasses!" ( )


bedeboop said...

I second these opinions about David Caruso. Can't stand him and don't watch CSI Miami because of him.

Cole said...

Your are not the only one. People are simply fed up with his ridiculously baad acting and posing. Ugly fucker!